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All of our designs are easy to assemble and install in whichever location you choose. Assembly and installation

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Stone Colours

 portland colour swatch Portland (P)
A soft natural
white colour stone

bathstone colour swatch Bath Stone (BS)
A light honey colour stone

garden fountain colour bath Green (G)
A medium olive green stone

garden fountain colour swatch light terracotta Terracotta (T)
A pale and sun baked terracotta

garden fountain colour swatch dark terracotta Dark Terracotta (DTC)
An earthy Tuscan red/brown terracotta

garden fountain colour swatch slate grey Slate Grey (SG)
A cool dark slate grey

antique finish Antique finish

Colours may vary slightly on your screen due to digital processing. For more information see Colours information

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Stone fountain and water feature designs

Our range is divided into the following sections for ease of viewing if you have a particular style in mind.
However because we manufacture every design in our workshop there is also the option to mix and match different parts together to make your own distinct product for your garden. For example you may wish to combine a one tier fountain with a natural center piece such as the cat or elephant, perhaps you would like one of the tiered fountain bowls without the stand and with a different center piece, there are many combinations possible giving you the opportunity to be creative to fit in with your garden design. To discuss the options and your Ideas Contact Us and we can give you advice and a price for the specific parts you require.

Our range

Natural water features

natural water features This range of designs draws upon the natural world for its inspiration The charming figures and shapes with their attention to detail have a very realistic and natural appeal.
See all Natural water features

Tiered stone Fountains

tiered outdoor garden fountains Our tiered designs are supplied in easy to assemble sections, each section sits on the one below, they do not need to be cemented together.
See all tiered garden fountains

Ornamental stone fountains

outdoor garden water fountains This range of beautifully sculptured center pieces look stunning. Their bold design will give character to your surroundings.
See all ornamental feature stone fountains

Wall Fountain, Masks and Wall Planters

outdoor wall mounted designs Wall fountains are very easy to install bringing life to a quiet corner of the garden or conservatory. They are hung via two galvanized steel loops embedded in the back of the fountain when it is made, wall fixings are supplied with all hanging wall fountains.
See all wall fountains

Pot water features

outdoor pot water features
Our range of simple pot features are brought to life with water. With the pots in a tilted position the water will playfully pour out of the pot or if in an upright position the water will gently bubble and overflow rippling downwards in soft waves.
See all Pot water features

Standing Wall Fountains

large garden wall mounted fountains
Our standing wall fountains are designed to sit against a wall or fence, they are narrow enough to fit in a small space but large enough to provide a pleasing display of light and sound. Supplied in two sections for easy installation.
See all standing wall fountains


millstone water feature designs
We supply several sizes of millstones set into a selection of our fountain bowls, if you would like to have a millstone water feature with one of our other bowls that is not listed under this section contact us.
See all millstone designs

Ball water features

ball feature garden fountains These water features use various size stone balls as the fountain head. The water bubbling from the top of the balls to flow down over the surface to create a soothing display of reflected light and gentle sound.
See all Ball features

Garden fountain pots

outdoor pot water features Their simple shapes let them blend harmoniously into the garden setting. They can be moved around to suit a change of mood and provide year round interest. Should you wish a choice of coloured stones, crystals and shells will help to make them more complete
See all Garden fountain pots

Water pumps

water pumps We carry in stock a range of water pumps suitable for anything from small wall fountains up to large tiered fountains. with the addition of a spray kit most can also be used for small garden ponds.
view all pumps

Our water pumps range from 40 litres per hour up to 1200 litres per hour. They are fully submersible and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Each pump is fitted with 10 metres of cable as standard. If you are ordering a fountain or water feature from us DO NOT order a pump as well, the correct pump is included with every fountain as standard.

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